Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Panggapta, Wookie oppa"

i don't know much about korean language..but i'm pretty sure these words mean "long time no see, wookie oppa" (opps is used to adress elder man in a friendly way..)

It's quite a long time since i last watched lee dong wook in "My Girl". Last night, i finally met wookie again in his 2007 movie, "The Perfect Couple". Very different from his role in My Girl, Lee Dong Wook plays as Kang Jaehyuk, a very capable cop who has great talent. He seems perfect as a cop(except for his temper), but he actually has peak-phobia. Whenever he sees things like blade, knife or even pen, he would freak out. In this movie, he portrays his character very well, both the funny and serious side.

This is the first time i watch Yeong Hyeon. I have to admit that her voice is indeed annoying, yet it's cute. Both of them develop a great chemistry throughout the story. I personally like Dong Wook's funny side. It's entertaining and convinving. I laughed a lot when watching this movie. Though sometimes i could see the flaws in the storyline and the transition of the movie,it is still enjoyable.

After watching Dong Wook here, i could not wait to see him again with Eugene(from Wonderful life and Really Really Like You) in their new movie, The Man Book 198 Pieces. Really can't wait for this movie since both of them are very verstile.

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